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TOME - Or - Let's See how quickly I can mess this up

If you've listened to a recent Talking Drupal podcast then you've heard all about Tome.  

This session is going to look at the ins and outs of setting up Tome for a faily basic Drupal 8 site. Since I'll be teaching myself from today until the day before this session, this session will provide:

  1. lessons learned on setting up Tome
  2. Why I put myself through this insanity
  3. What you can learn from my fits and starts
  4. Practical lessons in not taking on more than you can chew
  5. and how easy or hard it is to take a Drupal 7 developer to decouple with Tome on a D8 project

This session is really all about how we learn by doing and how stupid, unrealistic time frames to learning work or don't work in respect to complexities in Drupal and the web. Ultimately, this should be hilarious. Be prepared to laugh, I'm sure I'll be.



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