CSV2Fields: Using Spreadsheets to Scaffold Content Structure

Most firms use spreadsheets at some level to design node and entity architecture. What if developers could feed those spreadsheets directly into Drupal? Learn how intermediate developers can get a head start on site-building.

At Zivtech, we recently worked with a client who legitimately needed hundreds of fields for a data collection project. Instead of building those fields one by one, we instead built the CSV2Fields module (should be approved as an official module by the conference). While this module was designed for large sites with lots of data, it effortlessly scales from content types with just a few fields to content types with as many fields as Drupal can handle - all with a simple Drush command.

While this method can't promise to build out your content types to completion, it can provide a strong head start that is:

  1. Reproducible: Running the same spreadsheet will always come up with the same results
  2. Machine-Accurate: Building the spreadsheet directly from a CSV is one less layer where human-error can be introduced.
  3. Fast: Creating hundreds of fields from an spreadsheet takes just a few moments.

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