Strategies for a Successful Open Source Policy

The decision to open source a set of code is easy when the owner of that code is an individual, but when the owner of the code is an organization the decision is more complicated. Advance planning to clarify the organization's open sourcing goals, the procedures by which code must be reviewed prior to release, and the expectations of maintainership post-release can help avoid problems and result in greater success in the long run.

This presentation will cover the steps to establish an organizational open sourcing policy which provides a flexible framework for deciding what to release, where to release it to, and how to maintain it post-release. The speakers will present from a background of open sourcing in the context of federal government, but the same questions should factor into the open sourcing policy of any organization, be it governmental, NGO, or private sector.

This session builds upon one previously presented at GovCon 2016.

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Project Management, Sales & Consulting

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