From Treehugger to Debugger: How I became a Drupal Developer in 3 months

In this presentation I will discuss how and why I decided to become a Drupal Developer. Moreover, I will examine the challenges entry level Drupal Developers will face when learning Drupal and developing Drupal websites during their early months on the job. I will delve into the Drupal learning curve and go over challenges that new Drupal Developers will experience in the areas of Version Control (Git), pulling/pushing/merging code on multiple environments, exporting/reverting features, and setting up local environments.

After graduating from George Mason University with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, I worked in the field for a year. However, I felt as if I wasn’t challenging myself enough. While working as a full time Environmental Scientist, I enrolled in an intensive 3-month in-person Drupal Development course ( After a full day of collecting and analyzing water and soil samples throughout Northern Virginia forests, parks, and streams, I would go and attend the Drupal course where I would learn Git, Drush, PHP, HTML, CSS, and how to create subthemes and build Drupal sites.

After completing the 3-month course and passing a pre-interview technical assessment, I accepted my first position as a Drupal Developer with Taoti Creative ( I have been a Drupal Developer for the last 7 months and have worked on over 20 Drupal websites ranging from commercial to government and nonprofit clients.

One of my main reasons for becoming a Drupal Developer was that I wanted to make an impact worldwide. I wanted to help build websites for health organizations, nonprofits, charities, and more. I’ve been able to do just that while having fun along the way. Additionally, I have found the Drupal community to be a passionate and inclusive one. By describing my experiences with Drupal Development and the Drupal community, I will encourage the audience members who are not versed in Drupal that they too can become Drupal Developers.

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