Want to take Drupal to production with Docker? Let's talk!

Like a lot of folks, I've played around with Docker over the last couple of years, and I've attended sessions extolling the virtues of those little containers.   Docker can really solve the local development configuration problem nicely, and it really rocks when it come to enabling collaboration, and switching between projects with different php versions etc is super easy and lightweight.  Nice.

But the thing that left me scratching my head about containers and Drupal is when it comes to deployment.  The value of having solved the local configuration problem is great but how do we get to production?   Are we using AWS' container tools?  What if we move?  What's good practice?  You can do it, but as I worked through how, at certain point I begin to wonder if I really want to mess with production, since we already have something that working just fine.

What you really need is a setup where production is really just the other end of the pipeline that starts on local dev. 

amazee.io, Amazee's docker implementation, is just one of those things, an elegant solution to a fundamental problem that's easy enough for anyone.  Lovely.

First, you get an easy, low risk, no cost way to move your local dev to docker, but the game changer is in their approach for getting you into hosted production.  Need to run in a private data center?  No problem.

Disclaimer: I don't work for or represent Amazee, I just love how it works.


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