Welcome Keynote Speaker, Dani Nordin!

The Baltimore Drupal Camp is pleased to announce it’s 2016 Keynote Speaker is Dani Nordin! She will be speaking on Empathy in the Enterprise: How People, Technology and Organizations Shape the User Experience.

When designers talk and write about “designing with empathy,” all too often they focus on creating something entirely new. How do you observe and listen to people in order to find a problem they didn’t know they had? How do you use those insights to create a new business, or develop a new product?

We’re often tasked with incrementally improving existing experiences, or creating new features that have to live within an existing architecture. What’s more, creating those experiences requires working across a multitude of internal fiefdoms, each with its own set of priorities. How do you balance all of these considerations while maintaining a focus on user-centered design?

Dani will discuss these important questions and examine the roles within organizations, the importance of measuring and benchmarking UX to gain the buy-in needed to support a user-centric culture, and will explain how to create and take advantage of research and empathy-building opportunities within your organization. 

You don’t want to miss this fabulous speaker starting things off on the 7th! 

danigrrl's pictureDani Nordin is a UX Designer with specialties in information architecture, design for content management systems, and an ever-growing number of urban homesteading activities.

As Director of UX, Digital at Pegasystems, Dani works with people across the organization to oversee and unify the experience of Pegasystems’ global web properties. She’s written several books, including "Drupal for Designers," "Planning and Managing Drupal Projects," and "Drupal Development Tricks for Designers" (O'Reilly) and the "Definitive Guide to Drupal 7" (Apress). In 2015, she completed several video series on UX, Designing with Empathy, and introductory Drupal for both O'Reilly and Skillsoft International.

Dani has also been involved with drupal.org - working on User Profile redesign. And we thank her for that!