Why Baltimore Drupal Camp

Sponsors at Baltimore Drupal CampThe Open Source Community

Open source projects like Drupal depend on a thriving community to contribute code, documentation, and drive the project forward. Bringing community members together regularly offers opportunities to share information and drive innovation. In the Drupal world the annual conference, DrupalCon North America looms large. The "Con" brings around 4,500 people together from around the world. Over the course of five days attendees are networking in summits and on the product floor, contributing code to Drupal core and modules, learning how to contribute to Drupal, sharing their knowledge, and engaging in discussions that drive future development. Important things happen at DrupalCon that affect future iterations of Drupal and organizations that use Drupal.  

Regional Drupal Camps

Regional Drupal Camps are equally important to growing the Drupal community and driving innovation. Smaller camps are more accessible to people who are new to Drupal, and web designers and developers who are curious about the platform. Camps provide free training, sometimes as a class or through informative sessions. Regional camps also provide a focal point for local communities to focus on issues specific to their needs. Regional camps vary in size. From dozens of attendees to hundreds. The largest Drupal camps are BADCamp in San Francisco (2,500~) and DrupalGovCon in Washington DC (2,000~). These camps have become international events, attracting people and agencies from around the globe.

Smaller camps are a rich experience that meet a different set of needs. Regional camps are easier to navigate and personal connections are easier to make and grow at a smaller camp. Camps like DrupalCampNJ in Princeton and Drupaldelphia in Philadelphia offer high quality content and opportunities to develop close ties with Drupal professionals in the Mid Atlantic region. Through regular meetups and our camp the Baltimore community has grown from a handful of people who started meeting in an art gallery in Highlandtown. Our members have gone from freelancers to Acquians, from technicians to entrepreneurs. All the while we've kept in touch, learned from each other, and grown personally and professionally.


There are many ways you can participate in Baltimore Drupal Camp. If you own or help run a local web agency, we hope you'll join us as a sponsor. Sponsorship is not expensive and helps our community stay vibrant. You're organization will gain visibility among a dedicated group of web professionals. And you have a chance to network with people who provide or need web services.

If you run an agency, program, write, or design for the web we encourage you to submit a session proposal to speak at the camp. You'll be contributing to the dialog which drives innovation on the web and in the open source project.

Attending a deep dive into Drupal is a lot of fun. We'll keep you well fed and caffeinated throughout the day, and at the end of the day you'll have a chance to relax and socialize at the after party.

We hope you'll join our community.

Daniel Schiavone, organizer